Work for Cleveland ad agencies

Work We Can't Talk About

Creative and Production Services for Agencies

Since 2001, numerous advertising agencies and interactive firms lacking in-house resources for a project have quietly outsourced creative and production services to PavlishGroup.

PavlishGroup functions discreetly and behind the scenes, happy to let our clients take credit for the finished work. Over the years, such work has included:

  • A promotional video for a leading pharmaceutical laboratory
  • A trade show video for a large Midwest medical device manufacturer
  • A promotional video for a downtown Cleveland apartment complex
  • An interactive presentation for a Fortune 250 high-tech manufacturer
  • A website for a large insurance law firm with offices across Ohio
  • A website for a well-known Cleveland-area personal injury law firm
  • A website for a Northeast Ohio K-12 private school
  • A website for a well-known New York City real estate firm
  • An email promotion for a large New York City hospital

And that's all we're going to say about the above.

We won't tell.

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